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ACT/SAT tutoring for dedicated students.

Summer Boot Camp

Summer boot Camps


Get Motivated!

Due to heavy demand for tutoring right before a test as well as the immense success of past summers’ boot camps, we have decided to continue this program! Our boot camps will be held 2 or 3 weeks prior to each upcoming test as well as at the end of the summer and will provide the flexibility needed for students and their busy schedules. These boot camps will be held in preparation for the June, July, & September ACT and the June & August SAT.  Please find the corresponding schedules below or on Our Calendar.

  • Master the content, learn how to take the test, and refine your timing and personal strategies.

  • Choose a convenient class time - Afternoon or early evening.

  • Take unlimited mock tests during boot camp.

  • Up to 5 Sessions Package (15 hours classroom instruction). $575

  • Up to 10 Sessions Package (30 hours classroom instruction). $950

  • *When Available* Up to 15 Sessions Package (45 hours classroom instruction). $1,200

  • Review the corresponding boot camp calendar.


DEDICATED TIME: In the weeks leading up to an ACT or SAT test, students are often asking us to attend as many sessions as possible. We worked hard to develop a program to accommodate these desires while keeping things logistically possible and financially affordable.  This new schedule allows students to make the most of the limited time they have left before the test and gives them access to all of the resources Patrick Craig Academy has available.  

REPETITION/MOTIVATION: During our 3-week summer boot camps, repetition is one of our biggest drivers of improvement.  This redesigned system allows most students to get in the repetition of material they need right before the test.  We have found students are highly motivated during those two weeks before a test.   With the upcoming test hanging over students’ heads, they are more likely to work hard during their sessions.

ACCESS TO EVERYTHING: As always, coming into PCA means students have access to all the materials we have to offer. Math and English are covered in detailed content packets while Reading and Science are taught in small study groups.  Practice mock tests (offered 5+ times over the course of the boot camp) bring all of these materials together.    With this redesigned summer boot camp schedule, Patrick and his staff will be able to interact with more students and give them the help they need.  These student tutors are handpicked by Patrick and have shown great initiative and success on the ACT and SAT.  Seniors from nearby high schools and college students will act as a primary resource by answering any questions the students may have, as well as leading large and small group sessions in specific areas of study.    


  • Why should I take the June ACT/SAT?

    • Our students usually do very well on the June test for these reasons:

      • The test follows AP Exam and finals season, so students are academically primed to do well.

      • There are 2-3 weeks of summer to prepare for the June test.

      • Students can get enough sleep and enjoy a less stressful prep period because they are out of school.

  • How many mock tests should I attend?

    • As many as possible! Based on past boot camps, those who attended more mock tests had greater success.

  • What should I bring?

    • If you are a former student, your PCA binder

    • A graphing calculator — we suggest a TI-83 or TI-84

    • Loose leaf paper and pencils