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ACT/SAT tutoring for dedicated students.

Our Method

our Method

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The first step towards earning the best possible ACT/SAT score is to understand the material tested. Tutors at Patrick Craig Academy have an in-depth grasp of the standards, curriculum, and style of the test and are specialized in their ability to pass this knowledge to students. Group classes present an opportunity to tailor standardized content to individual students’ strengths and weaknesses. PCA’s commitment to making sure every student understands the inner workings of material from commas to vectors and angles to semicolons helps students answer questions with certainty and confidence. 


Once the information has been taught, repetition is key! Content is created by students, for students, ensuring that the material is presented at a level that everyone can understand. Our materials are assembled with staggered levels for the students to complete, allowing progression through the learning process and significant opportunities to practice test content. 

An integral part of practicing for the test is to take it via a mock test! Mock tests allow students to experience the timing, format, and environment of the test in a low-stress, low-risk setting. Additional benefits include familiarity with how questions are worded and implementation of test-taking strategies.These mock tests make sure students take the content they now understand and put it into practice, helping them increase their scores. 


The learning environment created through Patrick Craig Academy, combined with the expertise of qualified tutors, propels students towards full mastery of the ACT and SAT. The sense of community fostered through group sessions makes PCA a fun place to attend; the result is confidence with the test and score increases for those who take advantage of that beneficial environment. We find that students’ results are highly correlated to their effort. For the past twelve years, this model has generated motivated, successful students, with ACT and SAT scores that they are proud to send to colleges. 


"I don't know how you did it but to get my boys engaged the way you have done is a tremendous accomplishment. They are great boys but they absolutely hate school so it has been a struggle for a long time to get them to put forth the effort. Thanks so much for not letting them fall through the cracks as schools tend to do. Your texts always came at the perfect time and your personality resonated with my boys and I'm thankful we met you. God bless you and you’re very important work!" — Mike, Parent

“I highly recommend Patrick Craig Academy. My oldest went to Patrick back in 2013 and now my youngest (sophomore) has been going to Patrick Craig for about 5 weeks. What is so amazing about Patrick? Just in 5 short weeks (attending once-a-week sessions), he has helped my daughter tremendously. She was going to go into her first ACT test blind, but we decided to sign her up for just a few sessions. All I can say is that my daughter said to me after taking the test for the very first time, “That was the best investment that you ever made for me!” Kudos to PCA!!!” — Lori Murphy, Parent

“What a difference two weeks can make! My daughter’s ACT composite score jumped five points to a 33, her math score went from a 27 to a 34, and her English held steady at a 33 — all thanks to Patrick Craig Boot Camp! Along with his team of whip-smart college students, Patrick focuses on drilling and refining subject-specific skills and techniques with the students, giving them the edge they need to perform their best on test day. Patrick and his team are all gifted instructors, but — just as important — they relate well with the kids, building their confidence in a relaxed, low-pressure environment. My daughter is starting her senior year excited about the college application process thanks to her ACT score — the investment in Boot Camp was worth every penny!” — Amy Dawson, Parent

“We were thrilled with the results... quick results that Chase received after you tutored him for just a few months. His weekly sessions kept him on track- he became more focused and inspired to improve his ACT score. He increased 5 points! This put him into a new level for applying for colleges and scholarships. Not to mention, a big confidence boost. Thanks to you and Patrick Craig Academy.” — Linda Cohen, Parent

"My daughter had an AMAZING experience with Patrick Craig and the staff. She was anxious to go and learn and improve her ACT scores! Thanks for everything." — Patty Dachs, Parent

“I absolutely loved boot camp! Patrick made it exciting to go to and so fun but also made sure I stayed focused! After doing boot camp my score went up 7 points! I was so proud of myself and thankful that Patrick and the rest of the “team” pushed me to my highest potential and it really paid off. I seriously would do it again if I could, everyone makes you feel so welcome and there’s so many ways to learn. Plus, it’s super effective and so much fun. I know it sounds crazy to say I enjoyed studying for the ACT, but I’m not lying, it was a blast!” — Alex Jaeger, Class of 2018

“My name is Alejandro Becerra, and I am part of Cambridge High School’s Class of 2018. It is with great confidence that I can say that Boot Camp was probably one of the most rewarding forms of preparation for the ACT and SAT. Boot Camp is unique and especially effective in its execution because of so many different factors. All of the inimitable qualities of copious practice materials, phenomenal tutors, and a genuinely welcoming environment are what make Boot Camp especially conducive to learning the skills necessary to succeed for the ACT and SAT. This is the place that allows for you to really learn the mechanics behind the test and truly understand what is being tested. In a way, the test is demystified and placed into terms anyone can understand. Also, the timing of Boot Camp allows all of the material to stay fresh in your mind before the big day! In my honest opinion, I believe that it was my especially strong ACT and SAT score that helped open the door for me to be accepted by all 8 Ivy League schools, in addition to MIT and Stanford, among others. ” — Alejandro Becerra, Class of 2018